ExpatGPS ™: Expat Global Preparation & Support: Duty of Care obligations made easy

Introducing ExpatGPS™ : The Effective and Efficient way to ensure the success of international assignments and fulfill Duty of Care through managing family preparation and support.

ExpatGPS™ provides a complete expat preparation and family support package that functions as an internal offering but without the investment of time, resources and overhead associated with an internal program.

ExpatGPS™ is a complete solution to the number one cause of international assignment failures or compromises: employee and family adjustment issues.

ExpatGPS: A simple solution to the complex problem of expat family support

International assignments are one of the most complex, interdisciplinary, and cross functional activities an organization can undertake, involving senior management, strategy, talent initiatives and HR programs, as well as mobility and relocation professionals.

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When you send an expat family on international assignment, you don't just send an employee, you send an entire social system.

Managing expats and international assignments requires that you manage not only a host of things you KNOW about, but also things you CAN'T or SHOULDN'T know about.

Management knows about a candidate's ability, temperament, interests, and motivation for an assignment, but research from the past ten years has consistently confirmed that when assignments fail or are compromised and ineffective, in two-thirds of the cases the cause is the employee and family's inability to adjust to the new location.
Issues that management or HR cannot or should not know about, such as behavioral health concerns, family problems, "back home" parental issues, children's health and education (to mention only a few) impact not only the outcome of the assignment, but often the willingness of an employee to accept an assignment. This is where the ExpatGPS program comes in.

ExpatGPS is an expat family support program offered as part of YOUR expat support, talent mobility, and duty of care program.


The ExpatGPS program CONFIDENTIALLY identifies the key employee and family issues most likely to impact an assignment, and provides focused, experienced coaching and mentoring to prepare the employee and family for their new destination and work-living environment.

How does ExpatGPS fit into global mobility or international talent support programs?

ExpatGPS is designed as an "OPIM: organizational plug in module", or an "organizational function" (or capability) you install or "plug in" an existing organization. It functions as if it were "owned and operated" by the parent organization, appearing to users as of offering or benefit provided by your organization.

It requires no development resources, no "ramp up" (except, of course, to coordinate with other functions), and uses only the management resources and capital-costs allocated to it. It is similar to "outsourcing", but different in one important respect. Outsourcing is frequently done to replace an existing organizational function with one from the outside. An OPIM, on the other hand, is typically a NEW organizational capability which saves the development cost and deployment time needed to install a new functional part of the organization. You get new capabilities and functions instantly, without the associated development, start-up, and personnel expenses.

organizational module ExpatGPS starts functioning IMMEDIATELY as a part of the organization and uses only the resources allocated to it for operation, not development. ExpatGPS is rapid, efficient, and effective.

First, our senior organizational expert works with you to make sure that all the important stakeholders (Senior Management, HR, Operations, Talent, Mobility) are "hooked in" and informed about the program. Then, you select the best candidates to get the job done. Once chosen, the ExpatGPS team works confidentially with the employee and family to ensure the business and personal-family success of the assignment.

The ExpatGPS team is composed of highly experienced professionals selected from the best and most experienced in the expat preparation and support business. They are assisted by cutting edge technology (the International Assignment Profile-the IAP) that rapidly gathers the required information and identifies the key issues.

The ExpatGPS coaches and mentors start their work with a prioritized list of key location adjustment issues, family-spouse-children's concerns, behavioral strengths and concerns, and back home considerations that will impact the assignment. Even the pets are included!


ExpatGPS works by FOCUSING on the key expat and family international mobility issues and creating specific solutions

Our technology, the International Assignment Profile™ (IAP) uses artificial intelligence to identify and prioritize the key issues that will impact a family based on an on-line interview matched to specific data from the anticipated location. The result is a customized, focused planning and education program designed to help the employee arrive at the job ready to begin work, and the family to arrive ready to face the issues in their new home. Like a good GPS, the program points the way but leaves the family in charge of their own decisions and plans.

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Goals of ExpatGPS

  • No failed international assignments

  • No compromised assignments

  • Reduced employee family stress and discord

  • Maximum quality time on job for employee

  • Increased retention of talent pool


It's all about identifying and managing international assignment risk.

A family moving to a specific location is a unique experience, and general programs cannot address the complexity of risks and problems facing assignees. Some have "back home" issues (such as parents in a nursing home), others face children's health and education issues, others a spouse-partner dual career compromise situation. Our technology prioritizes the unique risk profile, and our coach-mentors craft unique solutions with each family.

Concerned about expat support and "duty of care"?

Duty of care is an emerging set of liabilities and obligations that are leading to punitive and expensive lawsuits. ExpatGPS is a tangible sign that you as an employer realize the risks involved in an assignment, and have acted to provide care in the form of preparation and support. In fact, ExpatGPS is the foundation of a complete Duty of Care OPIM (organizational plug in module) soon to be released with our partners as a "DOC-Kit™"

International Assignment Risk Factors Chart

ExpatGPS meets the established CREE criteria for successful expat and family support programs.

Successful programs require four main elements, all built in to the ExpatGPS modules.

  1. Confidential: All data and information is private, not a part of HR or employee records.
  2. Required: Programs that are "optional", voluntary, or offered as a benefit or part of an EAP program often carry undesirable stigma. And quite often the employees and families who most need the coaching-mentoring are the ones who don't use a program.
  3. Efficient: An employee and family only have limited time and resources for preparation. ExpatGPS uses technology to zoom in on the key issues, guaranteeing an efficient use of time and resources.
  4. Effective: Identifying the key issues is the bedrock of an effective program. Employees and families appreciate the care and concern, and managers appreciate the fully focused employee arriving ready to start work.

difficult location suppport

Complex difficult locations are our specialty.

We've prepared expat employees and families for some of the most demanding and difficult locations in the world, ranging from emerging economies in Africa and Asia to more established locations in South America or Europe.

Size doesn't matter: ExpatGPS modules are scalable.

We fit small organizations with just a few (but critically important) expats to large multinationals with thousands of expats. The design is for a seamless experience, seen by the expat and family as a sign of management's commitment and fulfillment of its duty of care.

assignment failure reduction

How much does an ExpatGPS Module cost?

ExpatGPS modules are incredibly inexpensive, especially when compared to the lost productivity (and opportunity) of a failed or compromised assignment. While each ExpatGPS module is customized to fit the needs of a particular organization, the cost for a module that covers ALL your expats is typically around 1/10 of 1% of the total international HR budget.

Research confirms that about 6% of your total international HR budget is LOST due to compromised, inefficient, or failed assignments stemming from the family's preventable difficulty in adjusting to their new environment. The ROI based on returned productivity and loss prevention typically runs about $12 to $18 savings for each $1 program cost.

Think of ExpatGPS as a hedge against the INEVITABLE assignment risks that degrade performance and reduce expat retention rates.

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What you know about your expat candidates will help you succeed. What you don't know can lead to compromise, stress, failure, and lost talent.

ExpatGPS allows you to manage what you don't know!

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Choosing NOT to know about an issue does NOT mean that the issue goes away!

If you have a current program our international assignment support tool (the International Assignment Profile, IAP) is available for your use. Find out more here.

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ExpatGPS combines technology and the human touch to provide a unique, state of the art solution to preparing and supporting expats that is both EFFICENT and high EFFECTIVE.

ExpatGPS coach-mentors are highly experienced and well trained to handle the multitude of personal, family, and career issues that arise in planning for an international assignment.

ExpatGPS gives you an INSTANT state of the art expat preparation-support program.

Why? Because your resources are human!®

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If you have a current program our international assignment support tool (the International Assignment Profile, IAP) is available for your use. Find out more here.